Our devops and infrastructure services
to ensure robust and reliable software systems

Infrastructure and services audit

Ensure optimal performance, security, and sustainability with a comprehensive application assessment. Our review includes health checks, benchmarking, code audits, and issue resolution, providing actionable recommendations for improvement.

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Log file aggregation

Eliminate delays in error diagnosis with our Hosted Elastic ELK Service. Centralize scattered logs for flexible aggregation, alert thresholds, fast searching, configurable access, and custom dashboards for efficient and secure log management.

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CDN and WAF solutions

Optimize performance and security while managing server loads and mitigating latency and security threats. Our partnership with Fastly enables the deployment of CDN and WAF solutions tailored to diverse server requirements.

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Automatic testing environments

Test new web functionalities without disrupting existing applications by creating disposable web environments. Our service integrates seamlessly with various web technologies, facilitating efficient development processes and exceptional results.

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Health and uptime monitoring

Address scattered and insufficient health and uptime monitoring with our comprehensive solution. Define useful metrics, implement effective alerting and escalation policies, and ensure robust monitoring with certificate monitoring, status pages, heartbeats, and multi-region checks.

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Cloud infrastructure

Optimize your cloud infrastructure with our expertise in AWS, GCP, and Azure. Overcome high costs and non-deterministic setups with our management services, specializing in Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Kubernetes, and robust Identity and Access Management (IAM).

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24/7 standby support

Access 24/7 standby support with senior engineers for rapid response. Our service integrates with standard communication tools, providing detailed post-mortem reports and incident follow-ups for comprehensive issue resolution and transparency.

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Backups and disaster recovery

Ensure data security with regular backups, retention policies, and disaster recovery testing. We offer comprehensive audit, automated onsite/offsite backups, monitoring, and tailored recovery strategy.

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